Battleship Drinking Game

by Jeremy on July 29, 2012

Drinking Battleship!

Boats are full of shots of liquor (Rum to fit the theme). Drink more with every hit you get!

How to Play

  • Draw and Label Your Grid. Size is up to you, make it big enough so that there is SOME challenge!
  • Create Ships. You’ll need to figure out something to contain your shot glasses as a “ship”. Maybe cardboard from a beer box?
  • Fill Shot Glasses.
  • Play the Game!  Played like the classic Battleship game.  Call out spots on the grid.  When you hit one of your opponents ships, they drink that shot.   *** It looks like in the video they drink when they hit the other player’s ships, but that seems backwards… Play however you want!
  • Winner is the first to sink all of the other player’s ships.

To make the game better, create cool looking ships, and use poker chips to mark squares that have already been called.

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