Bullshit or Cheat

How to Play Bullshit

Bullshit is a great card game where the goal is to get rid of all of your cards.  The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards.  Players lay cards face down on the table, possibly lying about the actual number.  Other players may call “BULLSHIT!”  The player in the wrong takes a drink for each card in the pile.

What You Need

  • A deck of cards.  May choose to include Jokers or Wild Cards.
  • 3-6 Players

How to Play Bullshit

Deal the deck of cards evenly to all players.  The player to the left of the Dealer starts with Aces.  He will lay place 1-4 cards on the table face down, and tell the other players how many cards are being played.  If another player suspects this person of lying about the number of Aces being laid, he may call “BULLSHIT!”  If the Player was truthful about the number of Aces, the one who called Bullshit must pick up the pile and take a drink for every card in the pile.  If the Caller was correct, then the Player must pick up the pile and take a drink for every card.

Play continues around the circle, with 2’s and continues up to King.  After Kings, it’s back to Aces again.  Players must play at least one card on their turn.  If they don’t have any of the card they must play, they will have to bluff.  This goes on until someone runs out of cards.

Bullshit Rule Variances

  • Players may pass, claiming they do not have any cards of that rank. This player takes a drink for passing.
  • Players may play any cards they choose.  For example, if a player is supposed to play Jacks, but only has 1, the player may choose to play a Jack and an 8.  If a player doesn’t have any Jacks, the Player may play any two cards and call “Two Jacks”
  • In some variations a Player may call the incorrect number of cards being laid down.  For example, calling out “Two 9’s”, but laying down 3 cards.  Players may call Bullshit on this.
  • Jokers can be used as any card.
  • All plays are open to challenge, with the Challenger calling out “Bluff”, “Cheat”, or “Bullshit.”
  • Play may continue after the first person goes out, having First Place, Second Place, etc.  This could continue down to the last one or two Players.  This makes a much longer game.
  • When a Player is caught lying, the next Player will need to play the same card that was not played by the previous Player.  For example.  Player A was caught not playing “Two 8’s”, the next player will still be on 8’s.  This staggers things so people won’t always know the next number they’ll have to play.
  • A very different variation is to play so that a Player may lay any rank of cards.  This could lead to far less “Bullshit” calls, as Players wouldn’t be forced to lie.
  • Name of the game may differ from group to group.  Cleaner versions may call it I Doubt It, Bluff or Cheat.  It’s not ALWAYS appropriate to yell Bullshit in every setting.


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