Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers Drinking Game

Cops & Robbers is a great late night game for a larger group.  Based on cards dealt, one Player becomes a Cop, while another becomes the Robber.  The Robber winks to let one Player know he’s the robber, then the Cop must guess who it is.

What You Need

  • Deck of Cards.  Enough for 1 card per person, including a King & Ace.
  • 5 or more Players
  • Beverage of choice

Playing Cops & Robbers

Arrange 6 or more players in to a circle, so everyone can easily see everyone else.  Remove enough cards from the Deck so that there is enough for each player to have 1 card, including a single Ace and a single King.  ( 6 Players = 6 Cards )

Deal 1 card to each Player.  The Player who receives the Ace is now the Robber.  The Player who is dealt the King is the Cop.  Once all the cards are dealt, the Players stare at everyone else around the table.  The Robber will take this time to wink at any other Player.  The Player who is winked at will say “The deal has been made.”

The Cop will now throw down the King and try to pick the Robber (the person who winked).  If he’s wrong, he takes a set number of drinks or a shot, then picks another person.  This continues until the Cop picks the correct Robber.  If the Cop picks the Robber on the first try, the Robber drinks a set amount.

If the Robber winks at the Cop, he must be punished, and has to drink!  This should be a higher amount, like a beer or shot.

After the Cop catches the Robber, collect the cards and deal again.

Drinking can be handled a few ways.  Incorrect guesses could be anything from a couple drinks to a whole beer.  Shots could even be used, but your game might be over fast.  Some rules have the other players reveal their cards, and that determines the number of drinks.  If you play that way, make sure you have a good mix of cards for bad guesses.

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