How to Play FUBAR

What You Need

  • 1 Deck of Playing Cards
  • Table or Playing Surface

How to Play

First, shuffle a full deck of cards.  Next, spread the face down cards across the table, and within reach of all the players.  Now the cards are ready to go, so make sure each player has a drink.  You’re going to drink a lot, so shots or hard liquor might get pretty intense.

Figure out who is going first, then play clockwise around the table.  The first player draws a card from the table and shows it to the other players.  Different cards represent different actions (see below).  Players only draw one card per turn.

What the Cards Mean

  • Ace – Take One Drink
  • 2 – Take Two Drinks
  • 3 – Take Three Drinks
  • 4Questions.  Player looks at another player, and asks them a question.  That player must then answer that question with a question.  This continues until someone messes up.  The player who screws up has to drink. Each player can question any other player, not only the person who delivered the question to him/her.  Players must make eye contact to be clear who is being questioned.  Any questions can be asked, as long as they are actually questions and not answers.
  • 5 – Give Five Drinks.
  • 6I never. The player who chose the 6 says something they have never done.  Anyone who has must drink.
  • 7Thumbmaster.  Whoever draws the 7 can choose any time to place their thumb on the table. The last player to place their thumb on the table after the Thumbmaster has to drink. The Thumbmaster retains this power until the next Seven is drawn.
  • 8Categories. The player chooses any type of Category.  Then, in rotation, players must say something in that Category.  For example, “Colors”:  Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, etc.
  • 9Rhyme: Player says a word.  Other players must, in rotation, say words that rhyme with the original word.  The player who messes up has to drink.
  • 10Social. Everyone drinks!
  • Jack – “Assholes” Drink.  Guys have to drink.
  • Queen – “Bitches” Drink.  Girls have to drink.
  • KingWaterfall. Everyone starts to drink.  The player who drew the card is the leader.  Players must drink until the person in front of them stops.  Any player who stops drinking too soon loses, and must drink again.

With a name like FUBAR, you should be able to tell that this game isn’t for the casual drinker.  This game involves a lot of drinking. Play with caution.

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