Fuck the Dealer

How to Play Fuck the Dealer

Fuck the Dealer is a simple card game that’s easy to learn and good for catching a quick buzz.

What You Need

  • 4+ People
  • Deck of Cards
  • Beer or Mixed Drink

Fuck the Dealer

Figure out who will deal first by having each Player draw a card.  The lowest card drawn will decide the first Dealer.

Play starts with the person left of the Dealer.  The Player starts the turn by guessing the top card on the deck.  The Dealer then looks at the card.   If the Player is correct on the first guess, the Dealer must take 10 drinks.  If the Player is incorrect, the Dealer tells the player Higher or Lower.

The Player takes a Second guess.  If the Player is correct the 2nd time, the Dealer must take 5 drinks.  If the Player is wrong, he must take one drink for every card the guess was off.  (i.e. – Guess 4, Actual 8 means 4 drinks.  Guess King, Actual 10 is 3 drinks.).  This Player’s turn is now over, and the card is discarded face up.  Play continues with the next person to the left.

The Dealer continues to deal until 3 Players take turns without guessing the correct card.  The game continues until the deck is gone.

The game is called Fuck the Dealer, because the game is easier and easier for the Players as the deck runs out.  The Player who deals last is going to do a lot of drinking!

Rule Variations

  • Dealer’s Choice.  Some rules state that the Dealer may pass the deck to any Player after successfully dealing to 3 Players
  • Face Down.  To make it harder on the Players, the cards are discarded Face Down instead of Up.
  • Bottom Card.  Dealer shows the bottom card before the first player takes a turn.  This guarantees that the last person to deal will take 10 drinks to end the game.




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