Smoke or Fire

How to Play Higher, Lower, Smoke, or Fire

This one is easy, but a great way to do some quick drinking.  You guess whether the next card is going to be higher, lower, red, or black.  Guess right, you’re good.  Guess wrong, you’re drinking!

What you Need

  • A deck of cards
  • At least 2 people.  You can either play with a dealer or leave the cards on the table and flip from the top.
  • A table or flat surface

Playing the Game

Shuffle the cards and place them in a stack.  Flip over the top card.

The first player guesses whether the next card will be Higher, Lower, Smoke (black), or Fire (red), then the next card is flipped.  If the guess is wrong, that player must take one drink for every card in the pile and play moves to the next person in line.  If the guess is correct, they guess for the next card – Higher, Lower, Smoke, or Fire – and flip.  If the Player is correct again a third turn is taken.  3 correct guesses in a row makes the player safe, and play moves to the next Player in line.

If Higher or Lower is guessed, but the card is the same number as the previous card, they Player is wrong and must drink double the number of cards in the pile.  If there are 5 cards, that’d be 10 drinks.

Drinking is based on the pile of cards of correct guesses, so somebody will eventually take a drink for every card that is flipped.  Keep the game moving quickly, for best effect!

If you have a dealer, it’s common for the dealer to say “Higher, Lower, Smoke, or Fire” at the start of each players turn.

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