Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus Drinking Game

If you need to get some beer drank, this is the game.  A fast-paced, relatively simple card game that involves a heavy amount of drinking for certain players.  Best played in moderation.

What You Need

  • A Deck of Cards.  Sometimes played with 2 decks if you have a large group
  • Lots of Beer.  You drink a lot in this game, hard liquor would be extreme.
  • 3 or more People
  • Table or Playing Surface

Ride the Bus!

First, the dealer creates a card pyramid on the table.  The pyramid can have 4 or 5 rows, depending on the number of players you have.  The first row has one card, second has 2, third has 3, fourth has 4, etc.  Cards are laid face down.

Once the pyramid is created, the remaining cards are dealt to all of the players.  Some rules suggest only dealing 3 or 4 cards to each player, do what works for you.

Pyramid Time.  The Dealer turns over the card in the first row.  Row 1 had one card, and is worth 1 drink.  If any players have that same numbered card, they lay it down and give 1 drink to any Player of their choice.  If a Player has two of that number, he can give out 2 drinks.

Continue on to the second row.  Each card here is worth 2 drinks.  If a Player has more than one of a number, each card is worth 2 more drinks.  Players give out drinks as each card is flipped.  Multiple drinks can be divided among players.

The Dealer flips over the remaining cards, one row at a time.  The third row is 3 drinks, fourth is 4, etc..  When all of the cards in the pyramid have been flipped over, the person with the most cards left gets to Ride the Bus!  In the case of a tie, any Players who have tied must Ride the Bus.

Riding the Bus.  The Dealer lays out 8-10 cards in a row, face down.  He starts by flipping them over one card at a time.  If numbered cards are turned over (2-10), nothing happens and the next card is turned.  If face cards are turned over, the fun begins.  If a Jack is turned over, anyone Riding the Bus must take one drink, and the dealer will add another card to the row.  Queens are 2 drinks and two new cards, Kings are 3 drinks and three cards added, and Aces are 4 drinks to each rider and four more cards added to the row.

Continue turning cards until face cards are avoided and the row has been completely overturned.  In case of some really awful luck, the deck can be reshuffled if additional cards are needed.

Riding the Bus can mean a to of drinking.  Please play in moderation and know your limits.

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