Common “Make a Rule” Ideas for Drinking Games

by Jeremy on February 19, 2012

Several of the games on our site have moments where a player can “Make a Rule.”  Games like Presidents and Assholes and Kings Cup have it as a very common part of the game.  It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and pick the same rules every time, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ll continually update this list with new variations we find, so please comment and tell us what your favorite rules are!

“Make a Rule” Variations

  • Waterfall or Board Meeting – If the Rule Maker calls a Waterfall, then everyone drinks at the same time.  No one can stop until the rank above them stops.
  • No D words. Anyone who says drink, drunk, or drank at any time during the game has to drink.
  • Little Man Everyone has a pretend “little man” on the lip of their beer, and they must remove him with their fingers and place him on the table, drink, then put him back on each time they take a drink. If anyone forgets to do this they must drink.
  • No Pointing. Anyone who points at another person at any time during the game has to drink.
  • Touching the Table. Anyone who touches the table has to drink.
  • Thumb Rule – President places thumb at the edge of the table.  Everyone else must do the same.  Last person to react has to drink.  Can be played as often as the rule maker wants. Also called “King of Thumbs”.
  • New Card Rules – Create new rules for individual cards.  “Jacks” – guys drink, “Queens” – girls drink, Wild cards, etc.  (Only works for card games)
  • Reverse Snake-Eyes. The rule maker chooses another player. Every time this designated player makes eye contact with another person, the designated player must drink.
  • No swearing. Anyone who swears or uses a curse word has to drink.
  • No Names. If you say anyone’s name who is playing you must drink.
  • Time Out. If any player says the name of another person, the player must place their forehead on the table until someone else breaks the rule.
  • Close your eyes. The last person to break a rule must close his or eyes, until someone else breaks a rule. If the person opens his or eyes or forgets to close them, he or she must drink.
  • Glockaz Everyone must cluck and flap like a chicken for the next round, using only their mouths to drink.
  • Gecko Choose one kind of card, e.g. 4. The meaning of that card is changed, and for the rest of the game, whenever it is drawn, all the players need to press their bodies as quickly as possible against a flat surface like a wall or a countertop. The last person to do so drinks.
  • Eye Contact. Anyone who makes eye contact with the Rule Maker has to drink.
  • Swears. Anyone who completes a sentence without using a swear/curse word at some point in the sentence must drink.
  • Names. You must use the name of the person you’re talking to at the end of every sentence. If addressing the group at large, use a predetermined group name
  • Beer Bitch –  The Rule Maker picks one person for the job of getting everyone beer at the table.
  • We all drink! Every time the person who makes this rule has to drink, all players must drink with her/him.
  • Tongue out. Everybody has to talk with his tongue out all the time.
  • Whisper talk. Everybody has to talk whispering.
  • Viking rule. Every-time the person who makes the rule uses his hand to put Viking horns on his head, everyone has to pretend to row a boat, last one drinks.
  • Last Word Twice. Every sentence you say, you have to repeat the last word. (ex. what game are we playing playing?)
  • No S’s. Anyone who uses a word with the letter “s” has to drink.
  • Dates go both ways. Whoever makes a date has to drink whenever their date drinks, and vice versa.
  • Strip Rule. Every-time someone pulls a specific card. Or category of card IE (Evens/Odds, or a certain suit) That person removes an article of clothing.
  • Permission. Before anyone opens a drink, they must ask the rule maker for permission.
  • Jack Slap. The person who draws the card picks someone to slap them. The slapper can slap them as hard as they choose.
  • Falsetto. Players may only speak in a falsetto (high pitched) voice. Those that fail to do so must drink.
  • Timebomb. One person is designated as the fuse, and the next time they are forced to drink for any reason, the entire group must finish whatever they have left in their glass.
  • End phrase The person who draws the card chooses a phrase. All players need to end their sentence with that phrase. (ex. “In my butt” – “Whose turn is it in my butt?”)
  • Super Troopers. Players must say “meow” after every sentence they speak, anyone who fails to do so must drink.
  • Hunter’s Rule. Players may only talk if the person whose turn it is calls on them. If they talk without permission, they must sit on the floor until another person breaks the rule.
  • Bilingual. Players must talk in the accent chosen by the rule maker.
  • Own Person You are not allowed to touch yourself. (ex. Cannot cross legs, arms, or anything that would involve touching yourself.)
  • In my pants. Every sentence you say, you have to end with “in my pants”. (ex. Its your turn in my pants)
  • Grind Baby! The person who draws the card picks a word (for instance, ‘the’ or ‘and’), and whenever someone says that word, the drawer of the card picks someone for that person to grind with for ten seconds. Same-sex grinding is permitted. If the drawer is the one who breaks the rule, the last person who broke the rule picks who the drawer must grind with.

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