7, 11, or Doubles

7/11 or Doubles

What you Need

  • 1 Shared Cup, usually a Solo Cup
  • A Pair of Dice
  • Beverage of Choice – Beer works best

How to Play

Place the drinking cup in the middle of the table, filling it with a few ounces of beer.  If using a Solo cup, the bottom line makes a great fill line.

Players take turns rolling the pair of dice, hoping to roll a 7, 11, or double.  If they roll a 7, 11, or Double, they will choose another player to drink the cup in the middle.  As soon as the Drinker touches the cup, the Roller can begin to roll again.  The Roller is trying to toss a 7, 11, or Double before the Drinker finishes the drink and sets the cup back on the table.

If the Roller tosses 7, 11, or Doubles before the drinker finishes the drink, the cup is filled again and the Drinker must drink again while the Roller rolls.

If the Drinker finishes the cup before a 7, 11, or Double is rolled, the Rollers turn is over and the dice are passed along to the next player.

Before the game, the cup in the middle of the table is filled with a few ounces of the drink of choice (if beer is used, often it is filled to the first line on the bottom of a Solo cup). Play then commences in other a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion.

Rules to Know

Don’t Touch the Dice! – Once a Drinker is chosen, the Roller must wait to roll until the Drinker touches the cup.  If the dice are touched too soon, the roles are reversed.  The Drinker now rolls and the Roller must drink.

The Rescuer – Other players may “save” the drinker at any time by grabbing the cup and drinking it for the the Drinker.  If the Roller is able to roll another 7, 11, or Double, the Rescuer becomes the Drinker and must continue as such.

Don’t Touch the Cup! – Only the Drinker can touch the cup.  Anyone else who touches it while filling, or otherwise, must drink it.

Alternate or Additional Rules

Sloppy Dice – The Roller must drink a full glass.

3’s Drink – Players who roll a total of 3 must drink.  This is before 7, 11, or Doubles are rolled, not when the Roller is against the Drinker.

Individual Cups – Players may want their own cups.  Beverage levels must match that of the other glasses on the table.

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