The Boxing Drinking Game

Played as either a full Boxing match, or a battle to the KO, Boxing is a great dice game that involves some serious power drinking.

What You Need

  • 2, 4, or 6 Players
  • Pair of Dice
  • Beer or Liquor
  • Optional: Stop Watch for timed Rounds

Boxing to the Knockout

Two Players play this like a boxing match, to see who can go the longest.  Two Players go head to head, while another 2 people help them and act as Corner Men.

Players sit at opposite sides of the table, each rolling a die.  Whoever rolls the lowest takes a punch, which can be either a shot or a drink for every number on the die.  The corner man refills the shot or keeps the beers rolling in.  Players quickly roll again.

If Players roll the same number, they tie and roll again.  The winner of the second roll drinks double.  A second tie would mean a triple drink.

Play in 3 minute rounds, with 30 second rests between rounds.

Play continues until either player admits defeat, throws up, or has to be excused to use the bathroom.  This is a KNOCKOUT!

For added fun, play as a tag team.

Alternate Boxing Rules or Variations
  • Score the Match.  Fighters keep track of how many drinks each took.  Drinks figure like punches, so the Player who drank the least wins.
  • Group Training.  As a team game, Fighters rotate after every round.
  • Rounds.  Round time may vary, use what works best for you.

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