Liar’s Dice

 How to Player Liar’s Dice

Liar’s Dice is a fun Dice Game where players roll hidden dice to try to create the best Poker hands.  Other players must beat or challenge the roll of the previous player.  Similar to the Bullshit card game.

What You Need

  • 6 Dice – Regular or Poker Dice
  • Small Box – Something to roll and conceal 5 Dice.
  • 3+ People
  • Beer or Liquor

Playing Liar’s Dice

Players sit around a table or in a circle.  Each player rolls one Die to start.  Whoever rolls the highest will go first.

The first Player rolls all 5 Die, or shakes the Dice Box.  This Player then peeks inside to look at the Dice, calling out the best Poker hand made by the 5 Die.  The box is then passed to the next Player.

The Second Player has the option to Challenge Player 1 or Roll.  If Player 2 decides to roll, he must beat the Poker hand that Player 1 has called.  Once he looks at the dice, he may decide to roll as many or few as he would like.  The Player must announce how many Dice are being rolled.  After the Roll, he calls out his Poker Hand and passes the Dice Box to the next Player.  Player 3 then as the option to Challenge or Beat the previous roll.  If Player 2 decides to Challenge the call from Player 1, he calls Bullshit and opens the box for all of the Players to see.  If Player 1 was lying, that player must drink.  If Player 2 is wrong, he must drink.

After a Bullshit call, the game starts over.  Or, when the bid reaches five Aces (or fix 6’s), play is maxed out, and the next Player must drink.

Poker Hands with Dice

  • Using Poker Dice makes this easy.  Dice range from 9 to Ace.  Possible hands include High Card, Pairs, Trips, Quads, 5 of a Kind, and Straights
  • Using Number Dice is similar.  Players attempt to make Pairs, Straights, or Full Houses.
  • Poker values are used.  In order of power – High Card/Number > Pair > 3 of a Kind > Run of 5 / Straight > Full House > 4 of a Kind > 5 of a Kind

Pair of 9's, Ace Kicker


The best part of this game is the strategy element.  Players may choose to Bluff their roll at any time.

If a Player calls a roll higher than he has actually rolled (an Overcall), it forces the other players to beat that call.  If the dice in the box are actually much lower, it’s harder to beat what was called.

A Player may also Undercall.  An Undercall can be used to help the next Player, or can also be used to trick other Players at the table.  For example, Player 1 calls 2 Jacks but has actually rolled 3 Queens.  Player 2 may roll 2 Dice, then call 4 Queens.  This would seem untrue to the other Players, but would be very easy to do.

Players may Soft Call their roll.  If the Dice are 10-J-K-K-A, the player could accurately call “Pair of Kings”.  This call can be beat by the next player without even rolling, though.  The next Player could call “Pair of Kings, Ace Kicker”  This would be the Hard Call of the same roll.

Cooperation with the players to your left and right is a good strategy, ganging up on the players on the far side of the table.


This game is one of the few that works great with shots of liquor.  If the loser has to take a shot, Players will take the game a lot more seriously.  Also, the speed of the game is slow enough that liquor doesn’t get too crazy.

If using beer, a Community Cup is a good way to go.  Fill the glass before the round, and the loser will have to slam it.

Rule Variations

Some rules state that there are no Runs or Straights

Instead of drinks, the game is occasionally played with “Lives”

Wild.  Sometimes 9’s or 1’s are considered Wild Dice

Ace High Straight / Run of 5




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