Three Man

How to Play Three Man

Three Man is a Dice Game that uses a pair of Dice.  The Three Man takes a drink every time a 3 is rolled.  Other rules apply for other numbers.

What You Need

  • Pair of Dice / Rolling Surface
  • Beer or Mixed Drink
  • 3+ People, 5 or 6 is best

Playing Three Man

Each Player rolls one of the Dice.  The first person to roll a 3 will start out as the Three Man.

The Player to the left of the Three Man rolls next.  Each Player rolls until their roll doesn’t result in a drink, then passes the Dice to the left. (clockwise).

When it is the Three Man’s turn to roll, a 3 on either dice, or a total of 3 will end that Player’s time as Three Man.  This Player gets to decide who the next Three Man will be, and pass the title on.

Dice Values

Common Dice Values

  • 3’s – A 3 on either die, or a 1+2.  The Three Man must take a drink.
  • 7’s – The Player to the Roller’s Left must drink.
  • 11’s – The Player to the Roller’s Right must drink.
  • Doubles – Roller hands out drinks based on number’s paired (pair of 5’s = give 5 drinks)
Alternate Dice Values
  • Total of 9: Person across from the Roller drinks
  • Total of 9: Social (everyone drinks)
  • 10: Social.  (if not playing doubles)
  • 1+1: Give One, Take One
  • 1+4: Thumb Master
  • 1+5: Nose Touch (index finger to side of nose)
  • 1+5: Known as “51”, all players drink
  • 2+1: Anyone to roll a 3 “the hard way” becomes the Three Man
  • 2+1: “Challenge”. The roller chooses another player and challenges him/her to roll a 2 and a 1 in three or fewer rolls. One die or both dice can be used for each roll. If the challenged is unable to complete the task they take one drink. If the challenged completes the task, the dice are returned to the challenger to complete the task or face taking two drinks. The dice rotate between the two players, adding one drink each time, until a player is unable to complete the challenge.
  • 3+3: Three Man drinks twice in addition to player who drinks 3 for the doubles.
  • 6+6: Roller makes a rule.  One rule in effect at a time.
  • Doubles: Roller hands Dice to any Player, that Player must also roll Doubles, or he must drink.
  • When Three Man rolls a 3, the next Player to roll a 3 (or 2+1) becomes the Three Man

Game is very similar to French game called “Biscuit.”




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