Drinking Game: Mortal Kombat

by Jeremy on October 29, 2012

An extremely physical, fiery game just as the motion picture and video game. It’s basically one on one flip cup but each player starts at opposite ends.

How To Play

Play the theme song to create the ambiance and the game begins as the words “MORTAL KOMBAT” are shouted.

The first cup is drank as fast as possible with the flip immediately following. Once the cup is flipped completely, the player picks up their cup and chucks it at the opposition. Then the next cup is drank, flipped, thrown and so on. The game ends when a player is the first to finish, flip, and throw all their cups before the opposition.

Four cups per round is usually sufficient with a whole beer distributed between them. Best out of 3 wins!


The main goal is to prevent or delay the opposition from being able to flip their cup. If the opposition is in the process of drinking their beer, go for the kill to the face. If they are in the middle of trying to flip the cup, go for their un-flipped cup to knock it off the table and waste time.

Thanks to Alexander for sharing this with us!

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April January 16, 2013 at 7:12 pm

This is proly the best thing ive ever heard of!! love this idea!

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