Movie Drinking Game: The Big Lebowski

by Jeremy on March 16, 2014

Movie Drinking Game: The Big Lebowski

A group called CineFix put out this video as part of their “Movie Buzz” series on their show. For their first ever episode, they play The Big Lebowski as a drinking game. Since this is one of the best movies ever, we wanted to share this on the Play Drinking Games blog.

The rules might have been a little extreme, as the group manages about 5 white russians each. Don’t try this at home!

How to Play

Drink When:

  • When The Dude refers to himself in the third person
  • When the Nihilists are seen or mentioned
  • The rug is mentioned
  • If someone says “it really tied the room together”
  • Shut up Donnie
  • Dude makes, orders, or drinks a White Russian / Caucasian (x2)
  • Vietnam is mentioned (x2)
  • Titties are shown (x2)
  • Jackie Treehorn seen or mentioned
  • Dream sequence or hallucination.  Finish your drink!


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