Power Drinking

Power Drinking Games

Who can drink the most?  Who can drink the longest?  The Power Drinking Games are for the true binge drinker!

These games include games of Endurance, Games of Speed, and Tolerance Games that really show talent in the art of drinking.  Games like a “waterfall” where players drink as long as the player before them.  There’s Power Hour, where players drink a shot of beer every minute for an hour, sometimes beyond.  There are timed keg stands, boat races, and many others that fall in to this broad category.

Binge Drinking in it’s purest form, these games really show who can put the drinks back!

Check out some of our favorite Power Drinking Games, like a Boat Race, Keg Stand, Century Club, Team Chug, Macho Mug, or Shotgunning.

Want to go even bigger?  Combine your favorite Drinking Games in to an epic Beer Olympics!  Compete and keep score over a series of beer drinking events.  Create an Obstacle Course, do a Beer Toss, play Blind Man’s Fumble, play quarters, and more!

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