Beer Olympics

Beer Olympics Competition

A Beer Olympics is a series of events, mostly drinking related, where competitors compete to earn points, eventually being crowned the Beer Olympics Champion.  Events can be Drinking Games or Skill related competitions, generally a combination of both.  The Beer Olympics is an all-day event, and should be fully organized before competition begins.

What You Need

  • 5+ People.  The more, the better.
  • Lots of Beer.  Cans, for sure, but a keg is great.
  • Necessary supplies for the scheduled events.  This will vary.
  • Scoreboard.  Needs to be visible so competitors can track their points.

Organizing the Beer Olympics

The most important factor in planning a Beer Olympics is choosing the events.  Everything else will stem from that.  Events can be purely drinking games, but for an all day event, you’ll want to add games of skill to keep some balance.  It’s also best to choose games that take a little longer, so that events are spaced out a bit.

Events may be team games or individual games.  Individual events are often scored higher than team events.

Suggested Games for Beer Olympics

Once you have chosen your games, you’ll need to assign point values for each one.  Longer games may be worth more points, and individual events could be worth more.  Common point values would be 5 or 7 for 1st, 3 or 5 for 2nd, and 1 or 3 for 3rd place.

Points should be added to the Leaderboard after each event so that the contestants can see where they rank at all times.

After all of the events have been completed, a winner will be crowned.  If done as a yearly event, a trophy may be awarded and passed from year to year.

Alternate Rules

You may choose to add to the fun be creating more opportunities for the Players to earn points.

Bonus Points.  The player who finishes 1st in any event may take a shot to earn a single bonus point.  The shot shouldn’t be something that a player will want to drink (aka – Bacardi 151)

Bonus Games.  Bonus games can be pre-planned or added on the fly.  Players compete in a simple task or challenge that is worth 1 point.  Bonus games should be nearly impossible, or highly challenging.  Games like a beer cap toss, shotgunned beers, etc.





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