Boat Race

How to do a Boat Race

A Boat Race is a drinking race between two teams of people.

What You Need

  • 2 Teams of People.  Same number on each team.
  • A Referee or Judge
  • Equal sized Cups.  Keg Cups / Solo Cups
  • Beer

It’s Race Time!

A race begins with all competitors placing their drinks on a mutual table. A Referee calls for the race to begin.  The first Drinker on each team is allowed to pick up their drink and begin drinking. Once a beverage is consumed, the Drinker must invert the empty vessel on their head. This is done to make sure the cup is completely empty. The next Drinker on the team cannot touch his or her drink until the cup is on the head.

If there is not a table around, Drinkers may assume “Proper Form”.  The Drinker gets down on one knee, putting on arm behind his back.  The other hand holds on to the drink.  Definitely the classiest way to play!

Excessive spilling may result in a disqualification.

Out & Back.  One rule variation is to do the race as an Out & Back.  Each drinker will fill two cups prior to the race.  The Drinker at the end of the line will drink twice in a row.  The Drinker who started will then be the closer.



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