Century Club

How to do a Century Club or Power Hour

The rules are simple.  Take a shot of beer every minute for the duration you set.  A Century Club is similar to a Power Hour, but  is a l ot more challenging.  A Century Club means you take 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes

Alternate or Additional Rules

  • Double Century.  Go for a Second 100.
  • No Fluids Out.  Players are not allowed to use the bathroom before the first hour is up.  Players who vomit may be disqualified or given drinking tasks to rejoin the game.
  • Last Man Standing.  Keep going until only one Player remains.

Keeping Track of the Time

The hardest part of a festival Power Hour or Century Club is keeping track of the time.  Everyone has their own way of remembering to drink and keep track of how many drinks have been tossed back. A tape measure is a great way to mark your progress and let everyone playing know where you’re at.


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