Obstacle Course

Drinking Obstacle Course

Done as a standalone event, or as part of a Beer Olympics, a beer obstacle course is a great way to compete with other drinkers in a challenge that uses tests of skill combined with feats of drinking.  There are infinite variations on this, but we’ll toss out some suggestions.

What You Need

  • 2+ People.
  • Large area, preferably outdoor.
  • Lots of Beer.  Cans or cups.
  • Stopwatch or Timer.
  • Props: Obstacles, BB Gun, Tricycle or mini-bicycle, etc.

Setting Up a Drinking Obstacle Course.

Creativity is king on this one.  Work with what ya got.  Generally speaking, the goal would be to have a competitor complete a timed course that involves drinking and a few physical challenges.  The ultimate winner is the player who competes the course, beers, and challenges the quickest.  As part of a Beer Olympics, points are awarded accordingly.

Example Course:

  • Start Timer.
  • Slam first beer.
  • Army crawl under a picnic table.
  • Run ~25ft around a series of trees, etc.
  • Drink a second beer.
  • Ride children’s bike for a set distance. (Tricycle or small bicycle)
  • Shoot a series of targets with a BB gun.  (safety is key here, please)
  • Drink third beer.
  • Timer spots when 3rd beer is finished.

The general intention is for beers to be drank in between strange challenges.  Use your playing area as best you can.  You can also add elements from other Beer Olympic events in to this one.  You can find ways to work in Beer Toss or a Keg Stand, too.


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