Keg Stand

Doing a Keg Stand

A true classic!  Keg stands are simple, but almost a given if a party has a keg.

What You Need

  • A Keg, preferably a larger keg to act as a solid base.
  • 2-3 People.  A Drinker, and 1 or 2 to hold the Drinker’s legs.  Often another to control the tap.

How to do a Keg Stand

The Drinker places his hands on opposite sides of the Keg.  One on each side will be best for balance.

Next, one or two people will raise the legs of the drinker, so that the drinker is inverted over the keg.  At this point, someone will place the tap in to the Drinker’s mouth and start the flow of beer.

Everyone watching counts aloud.  One, Two, Three, Four, etc. to count the duration of the Keg Stand.  The Drinker goes as long as possible, usually until beer sprays from his mouth, ending his turn.

Repeat with anyone who is willing.  Whoever is able to drink the longest is the Winner!



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