Macho Mug

Playing Macho Mug

Macho Mug is a great group game that works well at a Bar or large gathering.  Players pass around a Pitcher of beer, drinking as much as little as they would like.  The goal is to leave enough in the pitcher so that the next player can not finish it.  If the next player slams it, you lose!

What You Need

  • Pitcher of Beer
  • 4+ People.  More is Better.

Playing Macho Mug

Fill a Pitcher with beer.  The first Drinker will drink as much or as little of the Pitcher has he chooses, then pass it to the next Drinker in line.  Things start out pretty slow and steady, as people take big or small swigs.  As the pitcher gets down under half full, the game gets a lot more interesting.

The object is NOT to be the second to last person to drink the pitcher.  If there’s a chance you can finish the pitcher, or that the next Drinker can finish the pitcher, you may need to go for it.  If the current Drinker thinks he can finish the pitcher, he will generally let the group know.  The Drinker gets one shot to finish the pitcher.  If the Pitcher is lowered, it must be passed to the next Player.  The Pitcher must be slammed in one shot, not multiple tries.

If the current Drinker is able to finish off the pitcher, he is the Victor.  More importantly, the previous Drinker is the Loser.  Depending on how you’re playing the game, the loser may be punished in a variety of ways.  At a bar, the best punishment is to make the loser buy the next Pitcher.  If you’re filling from a keg, you could play as an elimination game.  The Loser is out until an ultimate champion is crowned.  If you’re filling the pitcher from cans, it would also work to make the Loser fill the pitcher with the beer that he brought to the party.

This is a great bar game if you’re curious how long it takes to get kicked out of a bar for getting too drunk and loud.

The Macho Mug Song

The best part of Macho Mug is the song.  The song can be sung at any time (usually pretty constant after a few games).  Most importantly, the song should be sung when a Drinker is slamming the pitcher, trying to finish it.  The song is sung to the tune of Macho Man, from the Village People.  “Macho, Macho, Mug!  [Drinker’s Name] wants to drink the Macho Mug!”  Over, and over, and over….

This game has also been called Pass the Pitcher.

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