How to Shotgun a Beer

Shotgunning is a simple but effective form of quick beer consumption, done by punching and then drinking from a hole in the side of a can of beer.  Using this method, it’s very easy to drink a full beer in less than 10 seconds.  A similar technique for drinking from bottles is called Strawpedoing.  A straw is inserted into the bottle as a means of helping the air out of the bottle so the liquid can flow faster.

Shotgunning Process

To shotgun a beverage, a small hole is punched in the side of the can, near to the bottom. In order to prevent the liquid from spilling out while the cut is made, the can is held horizontally, tilted slightly, and the hole is made in the resulting air pocket. The hole can be made with any sharp object (usually a key, bottle opener, pen, knife, other sharp instrument, or possibly teeth or a thumb with enough experience). The drinker then places his or her mouth over the hole while rotating the can straight up. When the can’s tab is pulled, the liquid will quickly drain through the hole into the drinker’s mouth.

Shotgunning should really be done as a group activity or race.  Players stand in a circle facing each other.  Someone outside of the circle will call 3, 2, 1 – DRINK!  Drinkers will pop the top of the can, drinking as quickly as they can.  When the can is empty the Drinkers throw the can to the middle of the circle.  First to slam their can is the fastest, and wins!

Shotgunning can fill you up pretty fast, making it tough to do too many rounds in a row, but be careful, it’s a very quick way to pile on a hefty buzz really fast.

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