Russian Roulette Drinking Game

by Jeremy on April 4, 2012

Basic Rules

Place one drink per person on the Lazy Susan.  One or more of the drinks should be a shot, while the others may be glasses of beer or other beverages.

Deal a card face down in front of each player.

Players spin the Lazy Susan, bounce the ping pong ball (see below), then flip their card.  Different card values have different actions.

Card Values

  • 2-10 = Drink Cup or Shotglass in front of you
  • Jack = the Gift.  Make someone else drink your cup.
  • Queen = Neighbors.  Drink your cup and neighbors drink theirs.
  • King = Power Card.  Spin, then make shot drink OR all beer drinkers drink.
  • Ace = Deal cards to each player.  High card is safe, all other players must drink.
  • Joker = WTF Card.  Make up a rule for this card.

Other stuff

The Ping Pong ball – Spinner tries to bounce a ping pong ball in to a cup as they are spinning.  If a cup is made, the person where the cup stops must drink it.

After each player has spun and flipped their card, deal new cards face down to each player, and repeat.  Cups may be replaced with shot glasses after each round.

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