Beer Toss

How to Play Beer Toss

Just pass your buddy a beer.  That’s the concept behind the Beer Toss.  Players must toss beer cans through a series of obstacles or hoops that range in size from easy to challenging.  The event is timed as a tie-breaker.  The player who completes the course with the most made obstacles in the shortest amount of time is the winner.

You Need:

  • 3+ Players
  • 4+ Beer Cans – filled with rocks, sand, etc. and taped up.
  • Hoops or rings to toss the can through.  Hoops should be various sizes, and approximately the height and area where a person would naturally catch a beer tossed their way.
  • 1 Can or Cup of Beer
  • Stopwatch or Timer (…there’s an app for that)

Game Play

Place a full beer or cup of beer in an area with the 4 or 5 weighted & taped cans.  This will be a distance from the player’s starting point.

A person is needed for timing the event.  The Timer will call for the Player to start.  The player then runs to the beer cans and slams the cup.  Once the player has finished the beer, he will grab the weighted cans and run to the tossing area (usually also spaced 20-30 feet away).

Beer Tossing

  • One Can may be tossed at each target.
  • Targets may only be targeted one time each.
  • Can must pass through a target to count a point.
  • Extra players should stand behind the targets to catch the tossed cans.

The Timer stops the clock after the final can is tossed.  The Player who makes the most targets is the winner.  In the case of a tie, the Player with the quickest time will be the winner.

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Ron Sturn January 15, 2015 at 7:55 am

Popular game here in WI while ice fishing…we’ve named “Beer Shoes”. Involves teams of 2 or 4 people and 6 shorty “grenades” (7 oz bottles) of whatever beer you choose that are empty. (Dark bottles are preferred.) Peel the labels off of 3, leave labels on 3. Drill 2 holes in ice, but not thru to water line, 40 feet apart. Clear snow as best you can between the holes as an “alley” to roll bottles. Alternate rolling the bottles to the hole, with opposing players staying at each end or if playing 2 man, rotating from each end every turn. Sinking one in the hole scores 3 points, Closest to hole scores one (or up to 3 if your 3 are closer than opponent’s 3. All 3 for a hat trick is 9 points, playing cancelation between player’s rounds. Switch sides when first player hits 11. First to 21 wins. Score over 21 and your team falls back to 17. If you hit any other bottle and break or chip it, you lose a point…all chips or breaks count, so multiple deductions are possible. (Keep spare bottles at the ready). Contact me with any questions…kick ass site, guys.

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