Blind Man’s Fumble

How to Play Blind Man’s Fumble

Blind Man’s Fumble is a physical drinking game, where blindfolded players compete to find, and then drink, beers.  The Fumble can be played as a timed individual event, or as a team game.

What you Need

  • 3+ Players.  More is better.
  • Blindfold
  • 2 Sealed Cans of Beer
  • 1 Filled Cup or Can of Beer
  • Rope.  Or something to define the Playing Area.
  • Stopwatch or timer.  (…there’s an app for that)

Game Play

The Players start by defining the playing area.  Use a rope or extension cord to define an area on the ground.  Anything outside of this area (usually a circle) is out of bounds.

Choose a Player to go first.  This Player will wear a blindfold and become the Blind Man.  The other players will now hide 2 beers within the Playing Area, and place 1 opened beer or cup of beer in a designated area outside of the circle.  To begin the seeking, the Blind Man will be spun 3 times, then released.  The clock starts, and the Blind Man starts to search for the cans of beer.

The Blind Man generally drops to the ground and crawls to find the Cans.  If at any point the Player goes across the boundary line, the other players must yell “Out of Bounds” or “Out”, and help the Player back in to the circle.

Once the Blind Man finds the first Can, he must keep possession of that can until the second Can is found.  After the Blind Man has both cans, the Player removes the blindfold.  Now it’s time to drink! This is where rules might vary.  Check the alternate rules below for other options.

The Blindfold is removed, and the Blind Man must rush to the Cup or Opened Can of beer outside of the circle.  The clock will stop once the beer has been completely drank.

Alternate Rules

  • Find It, Drink It.  Instead of having a filled cup ready for the Blind Man, the hidden cans of beers can be consumed.  The Blind Man may choose to drink each beer as it is discovered, or drink them both upon finding the second can.  The clock stops after the second beer has been consumed.
  • Team Rules.  Two Players from opposing teams are placed in the middle, blindfolded, and spun. They then have to crawl to find the beers and pound them before the other Player does.  First Player to finish a beer is the winner.

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Jamie McHugh July 31, 2012 at 3:23 pm

This is a good game for Beer olympics!

Stephen April 30, 2015 at 11:39 am

You stole Shelby’s idea.

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