Flip Cup

How to Play Flip Cup

Flip Cup is a relay race game where players drink their cup as quickly as they can, then attempt to flip their cup right side up.  Cups start upside down at the edge of the table, and players must use their finger tips to flip the cup until it lands right side up.  Once this happens, the next person in line begins to drink, then flip.  This continues down the line until either time has finished.

What You Need

  • 1 or 2 – 16 oz. Keg cups (Solo cups) per person
  • A Table
  • 2 Teams of people (usually 4 or 5 per team)
  • Beer

How To Play

Teams line up across the table from each other.  Each player has approx. half a cup of beer.  The amount should be the same for each player.

The game is played like a relay race.  Each player will, in turn, drink the contents of their cup, then try to flip their cup from upside town, until it lands right side up.  Cup is flipped from the edge of the table, using the player’s finger tips.  Once the cup lands right side up, the next player begins to drink.  Play continues down the line until either team has won the race.

Alternate Rules

Teams may play Out and Back, where each player fills 2 cups, and the player at the end of the line will take two turns in a row.  The person who started, will be the last person to drink.

In the case of an odd number of people, one player may choose to drink twice for the shorter team.

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