Flip & Spin

How to Play Flip & Spin

Flip & Spin is a fun drinking game for a big group of people.  It’s a mixture of a Skill Game and a Card Game, with easy rules and the potential for some serious drinking.

What You Need

  • 2 to 10 Players
  • 1 Shot Glass
  • 1 Deck of Cards
  • 1 Quarter
  • Lots of Beer!

Playing Flip & Spin

2-10 people circle around a table with the above materials.

The deck of cards is placed face down. A player starts the game by drawing one card from the deck. The player then has one shot to bounce the quarter into the shot glass, and depending on the type of card they either give or take a set amount of drinks. Each card is described below.

The game continues in a clockwise fashion until the 4th Ace is drawn from the deck which indicates the game is over. The lucky person that draws this last Ace has a choice of either bonging or shotgunning a beer, no exceptions.

Card Values

  • Even Numbered Cards: The player has two drinks on the line. Either they give 2 (make) or take 2 (miss).
  • Odd Numbered Cards: The player has three drinks on the line. Either they give 3 (make) or take 3 (miss).
  • Face Cards (Excluding Aces): The player wagers an amount before shooting with a minimum of two drinks. If they make they give and miss they take the wagered amount.
  • Aces: For the first 3 Aces drawn, the player must “call out” another player before shooting. They then shoot the quarter and if missed, the rest of the players spin the quarter and that person chugs their beer for as long as the quarter is spinning. If the player that drew the Ace makes their shot, the “called out” player gets one defense shot. If missed, they drink as the quarter spins.

**Important: If a player draws their card before the assigned drinks have been drank, they must automatically drink the face value of the card.


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Steven March 7, 2013 at 9:03 pm

This is a sweet game. They have a Facebook and twitter account.


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