How to Play Moose

Moose is fun game where players bounce quarters in to an ice tray.  Players drink depending on where the quarters land.  If the Moose Cup is hit, players put up Moose antlers with their hands and yell “MOOSE!”

What You Need

  • Quarters
  • Ice Tray
  • Beer, Mixed Drinks, or Liquor
  • Table or Bar for bouncing the Quarter

Playing Moose

Place the Ice Cube Tray on the table, long-ways in front of the first Player, then place a cup of Beer/Mixed Drink/Shot at the far end of the tray.  The first player will bounce a Quarter, trying to land in either the tray or the cup.  Each slot of the Ice Cube Tray counts as a number of drinks.  Tray cup nearest to the Player is 1 drink.  The numbers go up one at a time to about 8, depending on how big the Ice Tray is.

Quarters that land on the Left side of the tray count for Giving Drinks.  For example, a Quarter landing in the 6th spot on the Left gives the Player 6 drinks to give out to the other Players – either broken up or all to one person.  Quarters that land on the Right side of the drink represent the number of drinks the Player must Take.

If the Quarter lands in the cup at the end of the tray, it’s a MOOSE.  Players must instantly raise the hands to the side of their head, thumbs to the temples and fingers spread (to look like Moose Antlers).  Everyone yells “MOOSE” as they put their hands up.  The last person to react must finish contents of the Moose Cup.

Alternate Rules

  • Ramping Tray.  If you’re able, you can balance the Ice Cube Tray on the edge of the Moose Cup, making a ramped surface.  This makes it harder to pass from player to player, but players may rotate instead of the Ice Tray in this version.
  • Give a Right / Take a Left.  Some rules state that the Left side is for taking drinks, while the Right is for giving.  Doesn’t matter, just pick one.
  • Double Trouble.  Play with 2 Ice Cube Trays at opposite sides of the table.  Provides more action and makes it harder for Players to focus on each quarter being bounced.
  • Social.  A quarter that lands on the Ice Tray without dropping in a slot counts as a Social.
  • Penalty Pound.  If a Quarter lands in another Player’s drink, the Bouncer must finish that entire drink as penalty.
  • Sudden Death.  All the focus is on the Moose Cup.  The Give/Take slots still apply, but a Player has 2 or 3 chances to hit the Moose Cup.  If that does not happen, the Player must drink the Moose Cup.
  • Alligator.   A Player must first spin a quarter on the table, then bounce the main quarter into the tray before the other one stops spinning. If the player makes the first quarter into the last row, he then grabs the still spinning quarter and attempts an “alligator” by bouncing it into the last row as well. If the second quarter goes in, all other players must finish their drinks.
  • Thumbs.  For an added challenge, players must put their thumbs on the edge of the table after calling MOOSE.  Adding the extra step makes it harder if people are too sober.


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