How to Play Quarters

Quarters is a great drinking game which involves Players bouncing a quarter off of a table in an attempt to have the quarter land into a shot glass or cup on the table.

What You Need

  • Quarters.
  • A Table.  Make sure it’s not a table that will dent easily.  A bar or counter works well, as a higher playing surface helps, and the players all need to be the same distance from the glass.
  • 1 or More – Glasses, Cups, or Shot Glasses.
  • Beer
  • 2+ Players

Playing Quarters

Fill the cup to the desired level and place it in the center of the table.  Decide who will go first.

The Shooter bounces the quarter off of the table, trying to make it in to the glass of beer.  If the Shooter misses, play moves on to the next shooter.  If the Shooter makes it in the glass, he gives the glass of beer to one of the other Players, and they have to drink it.  The beer is refilled, and the Shooter gets another bounce.  The turn continues until the Shooter misses the cup.  Many rule variations include letting the Player make a rule after 3 consecutive made shots.

Rule Variations

Head to Head – One Cup.  2 Players stand opposite each other, with the glass between them.  Taking turns trying to bounce quarters in to the glass.  First one to make the shot gives the beer to the other person.

Head to Head – 5 Cups.  Players stand across from each other, with 5 partially filled cups between them.  Cups are arranged in a line, with a taller or more filled cup in the center.  Once play begins, Players target the cups in any order, shooting as quickly as they can.  If a quarter is bounced in to a cup, the opposing player must stop bouncing and drink that glass – the Player who made the quarter will steal the dry quarter and continue bouncing.  After the 4 outer cups are hit, the Players try to get the quarter in the center cup.  The first Player to make a quarter in the center cup is the winner. Rounds should be played best of 5 or 7 games.

Team Quarters.  Same rules as 5 Cup Head to Head, but with multiple players on each team.  Players take turns bouncing the quarters until they miss a cup, then switch.

Speed Quarters.  See our Speed Quarters Page.

Individual & Community Cups.  Players each have their own cup in front of them, with a community cup in the middle.  Shooters bounce quarters towards all of the cups.  If the Quarter lands in a Player’s cup, that Player must drink the contents of the glass, then refill it.  If the Quarter lands in the Community Cup, all players must slam their drinks.  Last person to finish also has to drink the Community Cup.  A Player shoots until he doesn’t make the Quarter in to a cup.


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