Speed Quarters

How to Play Speed Quarters

Very similar to Quarters, but played quickly, more like a race.  Speed Quarters is a great drinking game which involves Players bouncing a quarter off of a table until they land the quarter in the cup.  Two cups are in play.  Players must make the Quarter in to their cup before the other cup catches up to them.

What You Need

  • Quarters.  One per player or one per glass.
  • A Table.  Make sure it’s not a table that will dent easily.  A bar or counter works well, as a higher playing surface helps, and the players all need to be the same distance from the glass.
  • 2 cups, preferably the same size.  One more cup in the center for drinking.
  • Beer
  • 5+ Players

Playing Speed Quarters

Fill the Community Cup to the desired level and place it in the center of the table.  The 2 cups start at opposite sides of the circle of Players.  Somebody calls 3, 2, 1, GO!  And the game begins.

Each Shooter tries to make their Quarter in to the Cup.  If the Shooter misses, he must pick up the Quarter and bounce again.  If the Shooter makes the Cup, he passes the cup to the left.

Play continues until one of the Cups catches up to the other one.  The person who gets caught must drink the Community Cup.

The game then starts again.  The loser will start with one Cup, the other goes to a Player across the circle.

Rule Variations

Redemption.  In some versions, the losing Player has a shot at redemption.  Stack two glasses, making a tall target to hit.  The loser gets one bounce to make the top glass.  If made, the Player to the right then has a chance to hit the top cup.  If it’s missed, he drinks the Community Cup.  If made, the cup goes back to the Loser for another shot.  This goes back and forth until it is missed.

Party Style.  If the group is large, you can opt to add a third Cup.  This keeps the game from dragging on too long, and speeds things up.

Sloppy Bounce.  If a Player bounces the Quarter off of the table, he must drink.  For greater punishment, have the Player drink the Community Cup.

Regular Quarters.  See our Quarters Page.


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