Vocal Games

Vocal Games for Drinking

Games in this category are a mostly the kind that don’t need Cards or Dice or any other kind of equipment, just PEOPLE.  Not just people, but people ready to do some drinking!

These games are great for campfire games, or ways to entertain a bigger group.

Who wants to THINK while they drink?? Apparently quite a few people, there are quite a few Thinking Games for Drinking. Usually these games start off very simple, but require a greater level of attention as inebriation sets in.  Common skills required for these games include memory and recollection, logic, observation, and articulation. Basic skills, made challenging my increased alcohol intake.

There are a bunch of Vocal, or Thinking Drinking Games.  Common examples include Never Have I Ever, The Vegetable Game, 21, Beer Checkers, Tourettes, Roman Numerals, Pennying, Trivial Pursuit, Bizz Buzz, and Matchboxes.

The varieties of these games are endless, and we’d love to hear how you play.  Please comment your variations or contact us and fill us in on how to play your favorite game.

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Alyssa August 13, 2013 at 4:28 pm

Yup 🙂 Girls voices changed! My voice is cracking me up! I hate it when it does that! ugh! lmfao

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