Ode to Beer

Ode to Beer.

This one is a little bit different.  The Ode to Beer could be done as it’s own event, but but it’s more likely to work as part of a larger Beer Olympics.

The Ode to Beer is simple.  Players come up with their best solo or group activity that demonstrates their love of beer.  This can be ANYTHING.  Songs about beer, poems about beer, speeches, demonstrations, etc.  Players have even gone so far as to have crossword puzzles prepared for the event.

After each player does their “Ode to Beer”, the group will vote to decide the winner.  Winners are up to the individuals, but would generally be based on creativity or showmanship.

This is a good event to mix up the Beer Olympics, and gives people a nice break in the drinking, as well as some quality entertainment.  Best to save this one until everybody is well lubricated.  You can also let people know about this event before the Beer Olympics begin, to give them some additional prep time.

What You Need

  • 5+ People.  Probably part of the Beer Olympics.
  • Beer.  For demonstrations or spectators to sip on.


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