Learn to Play Drinking Games

Ever want to play a drinking game, but you can’t quite remember how to play?  Tired of the same old games and want to learn something new?  You’re in the right place.  Play Drinking Games is dedicated to putting together a giant collection of the best drinking games around.

We’ve broken games down in to categories that will help you select the type of game you’re looking for.  We have instructions for Card Games, Dice Games, Power Drinking Games, Skill Games, and Vocal Games.

If you want to take your Summer fun to the next level this year, check out our Beer Olymics page.  We’ve got game ideas for a full day of Outdoor Drinking.  It might be your first Beer Olympics, but it won’t be your last!  Create a trophy, and make it a yearly event.

Some of our other featured games for Outdoor Drinking are Boat Races, Keg Stands, the Team Chug, Beer Pong, The Vegetable Game, Shotgunning, or Blind Man’s Fumble.


Warning. All drinking games should be played in moderation. It is up to you to know your limits and be careful. Please don’t drink and drive, and make sure you’re 21!


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